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Health & Social Care Partnership

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Who are the Health and Social Care Partnership and what do you do?

 A Caring partnership working together with our city communities to enable people to achieve fulfilling and healthier lives and wellbeing

What does sustainable food mean to you and your organisation? 

Food practices that is economically, environmentally, and socially viable within the city


Enabling availability and easy access to quality, safe healthy foods, and educational opportunities for people within the community.

How do you, as an organisation, build a sustainable food system? 

Provision of Health Improvement funding and resource focusing on relevant local and national food strategies.

  • Support the development of community kitchen facilities across Aberdeen city. 

  • Build capacity for people/organizations/groups to deliver food skills in their local areas by funding the REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene and Food Hygiene refresher courses

  • Provide funding and resources to support a range of local food growing initiatives and strategies- Keep Growing Aberdeen, COMPASS, Cultivate Aberdeen, STAR flats, etc

  • Supporting strategic practical food skills and knowledge work across the city - Aberdeen Community Food Network ACFN

Supporting new ideas and innovation around food i.e., Won’t Cook-Want to Cook by CFINE, Cook’n’ Eat by GSBC, Recipe for Life by Homestart Aberdeen or the “Chef it up” programme by Family Learning in ACC

Why be involved in Granite City Good Food? 

To support the promotion and implementation of sustainable food practices.

How do we achieve a sustainable Good Food movement in Aberdeen? 

A collaborative approach towards healthier and sustainable food practices that-

  • Promotes and supports local food growing city wide – Food growing festivals, intergenerational and inter-cultural events by localities

  • Promotes and supports reduction of food waste (Food swap campaigns/ events/ challenge and competition, workshops)

  • Encourages eating local and seasonal food produces and free opportunities to learn what is available seasonally and where to buy from- Farmer’s market, organise, talks, food challenge, food demonstrations, food festivals and town meals

  • Promotes eating more plant-based foods and less meat (More plants less meat campaign)

Promotes food, health, and sustainability problems to the public via social media, TV or local radio, newsletters, campaigns etc.

What potential barriers do you see to a sustainable food system in Aberdeen? 

  • A general lack of knowledge of what sustainable food system is and how or where to access them

  • Wide distribution and convenience of supermarkets

  • Affordability of food systems (Supermarkets use a cheap food price marketing tool)

Access to resources and capacity to delivery

Any additional comments?

 Enable a collective awareness and definition of good food movement and food systems.

Thank you for your answers!


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