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The responsibility of creating a sustainable food system is for us all to ensure. For live opportunities and ways to get involved, check out our noticeboard and add your opportunity today! 


To pledge your commitment to sustainable food, sign the Granite City Good Food Charter.

Do you have some resources to share or are looking to make connections? Make a post in our notice board and use the filters to cater to your audience

Are you looking for good food in your area? Check out the Granite City Good Food Directory, which covers:

  • Food access and support*

  • Good food cafes

  • Good food restaurants

  • Sustainable food businesses


*For further information on the types of food support available in the city, including our food pantries, see the CFINE website for more info.

Want your business to be put on the map, and feel you have sustainability at the heart of your organization? Contact us.

As a business, are you looking to do your bit?

Here are some helpful hints and tips for doing your bit for the planet, and your community. 

  1. Adopt a sustainable food procurement policy Buy from local wholesalers/retailers & support short, value-based supply chains

  2. Advocate for sustainable food systems and the circular food economy

  3. Offer less but better meat - offer more veggie and vegan options and sign the Planet pledge

  4. Create your own growing space and buy locally grown produce

  5. Pay workers a living wage and become a living wages employer 

  6. Engage with your local food partnership (hint hint that's us!)

  7. Join an accreditation scheme – such as the Sustainable Restaurants Association

  8. Promote good food and the businesses/individuals involved - why not get yourselves on our directory! 

  9. Sign our food charter and pledge to support our good food movement

Any suggestions? Get in touch or post on our noticeboard!

Looking for business to business support?


    Why not check out:

Looking to get involved with our partnership, and contribute your time to ensuring the sustainability of our food system? Check out our information pack, and contact us today.

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