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About Us

Food is vital to the quality of peoples' lives. However, it sits at the heart of some of Aberdeen City's most serious social, cultural, and economic issues. This makes it one of the most important ways that we can solve those issues and Granite City Good Food is that method of supporting change.

Granite City Good Food is Aberdeen City’s Sustainable Food Places Partnership, one of over 90 partnerships in a national network.

We are all part of the food system, we can all do something to make it more sustainable - no matter how small.


Where We've Been

Established as a food partnership in 2017, we were the 48th member of the Sustainable Food Places Network, and the 3rd in Scotland.


In 2018, we became the 1st in Scotland to gain the prestigious Sustainable Food Places Bronze award, and now in 2022, we became one of two in Scotland to gain the Silver Sustainable Food Places award, a marque which recognises the great work being done around the City around sustainable food systems.

Our Vision 

Now that we've achieved the prestigious Silver Sustainable Food Places award, we are aiming for the future and going for gold, as we are confident the City's food system is taking huge steps towards becoming truly sustainable. 

Lots of work to do but we are hopeful and confident for the future. 

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The Sustainable Food Places Framework
Granite City Good Food "thinking sustainable"

Laws and regulations


Taking a strategic and collaborative approach to good food governance and action

Our Campaigns

Campaigns are central to what we do at Granite City Good Food. From Sugar Smart to Food for the Planet, click the images below to find out more about how to get involved with each:

Our Charter

We believe that every person in Aberdeen should have access to healthy, tasty, affordable, and sustainable food. However, in order to become a truly sustainable food place, we must all - individuals and organisations - take steps to becoming more sustainable. Sign our Sustainable Food Food Charter to show your support:

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