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Our Charter

We encourage anyone to sign our charter and pledge to a sustainable food economy. Communities.. businesses.. everyone can sign!


By signing as an individual, you pledge to:

  1. Follow a healthy diet: eat at least 5 portions of seasonal fruit and vegetables every day.

  2. Buy more local and seasonal produce.

  3. Grow your own food in an allotment, community garden, at home, or at work.

  4. Cook your own meals from scratch using fresh, local, and sustainably sourced ingredients.

  5. Compost, reduce food waste, and recycle packaging.


By signing as an organisation or community, you pledge to:

  1.  Procure sustainable, local, and responsibly sourced food. 

  2.  Provide opportunities to grow food at work and within the community.

  3.  Increase access to healthy food and drinks in canteens and encourage staff to follow a healthy diet, including reduced sugar consumption.

The charter is not a hard and fast rule.. the charter simply encompasses the ethos of sustainability and how to get there. Any changes you can do make a difference!

By submitting this form, you are confirming you have read and understood our privacy policy. Take a look at at our Privacy Policy here

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

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