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Healthy Food

Our Sub Groups

Whilst our Steering Group ensures a coordinated and strategic approach to good food governance and action, our sub-groups offer a far more specialist approach to particular areas of our food system, such as food skills and confidence, tackling food poverty, food growing and procurement: 

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Aberdeen Community Food Network

Everyone should know how to cook but the sad reality is that not everyone does.

Aberdeen Community Food Network is a group of partners, organisations, and community groups who ensure that the opportunity for developing food skills and confidence is widely advocated, and that there are a wide range of activities available.

Food Poverty Action Aberdeen

No one should face the choice of heating vs. eating. Nobody should have to experience food insecurity.

Food Poverty Action Aberdeen was founded in 2014, by CFINE, as a network of organisations committed to ensuring food support for those facing food poverty, and for strategizing solutions to ensure nobody goes without basic necessecities.

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Aberdeen Procurement Partnership

Essential to the creation of a truly sustainable food system is a sustainable procurement system. Through prioritizing sustainability, community benefits, and dynamic procurement - moves towards sustainability can be significant.

Aberdeen Procurement Partnership is a strategic group who ensure that sustainability is top of the agenda in discussions around procurement.

The Food Growing Strategy Implementation Group

Food Growing hold massive potential when it comes to the creation of a good food movement, and a sustainable food system.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill 2015 created an obligation for all local authorities in Scotland to develop and publish a Food Growing Strategy. In 2020, Granite City Growing, Aberdeen City’s strategy, was published.

Where a forum aids the implementation of certain goals and responsibilities of the strategy, the Food Growing Strategy Implementation Group fulfills that role.


Beyond the groups we host, as a partnership, we also feed into several external groups and networks, such as the Community Planning Aberdeen Sustainable Cities Group and the LOIP Child Healthy Weight Working Group.

To find out more about the sub groups, please get in touch

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