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The responsibility of creating a sustainable food system is for us all to ensure. Individual choices may not feel like a lot but little changes make big differences over time. For live opportunities and ways to get involved, check out our noticeboard and add your opportunity today! 

To pledge your commitment to sustainable food, sign the Granite City Food Food Charter and help us ..

Are you looking for good food in your area? Check out the Granite City Good Food Directory, which covers:

  • Food access and support*

  • Good food cafes

  • Good food restaurants

  • Sustainable food businesses


*For further information on the types of food support available in the city, including our food pantries, see the CFINE website for more info.

Looking for cooking hints and tips? Whether cooking for one or a whole family, these handy hints and tips from Love Food Hate Waste will have you planning a whole cooking course yourself!

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Become a food champion! Are you delivering food skills and confidence, cooking sessions, in your community? Are you looking to gain qualifications in food hygiene and safety, Confidence 2 Cook, and wanting to put that into practice? ACFN Food Champions is the opportunity for you! Email for more information!

Have a question or are looking to share resources? Make a post on our notice board and use the filters to cater to your needs.

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Want a tool to help you  plan your meals for the week ahead? 

Download our Meal Planner here

Interested in Community Growing? Meet others like you, share hints and tips, and connect through the CFINE Community Growing network

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Want to be involved directly with the good food movement? Join our sub group Aberdeen Communities Food Network. 

Aberdeen Community Food Network is a group of partners, organisations, and community groups who ensure that the opportunity for developing food skills and confidence is widely advocated. 

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If you are interested in growing your own food, herbs or plants thee are loads of resources to get started. Have a look at the Keep Growing Facebook page here for hints and tips, and our growing spaces map to see your closest growing space

Are you looking to do your bit as an individual?

Check out our hints and tips to do your bit for the planet, your community, and yourself

  1. Eat less but better meat and dairy – check out our latest campaign Food for the Planet for full information

  2. Look for accreditation labels – such as RSPCA or Red Tractor

  3. Grow your own food and buy seasonal and local produce

  4. Support your local independent eateries - check out our Directory!

  5. Buy from farmers markets and other independent retailers - check out our Directory!

  6. Advocate for sustainable food systems and the circular food economy

  7. Promote and uplift good news within the area (follow us on social media for all the latest news!)

  8. Volunteer with or donate to a worthy cause - have a look here

  9. Promote good food and the businesses/individuals involved

  10. Sign our food charter and pledge to support the good food movement

  11. Use our noticeboard and blog to share ideas, promote vacancies, and get involved

If you think we've missed anything, let us know by contacting us or posting on the noticeboard

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Get in touch to find out more:

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