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CFINE Zero Waste Cooking Day

Granite City Good Food believes that everyone should have access to great quality, delicious food. We also believe that there are so many amazing and exciting ways to save food waste, and make the ingredients you can access go as far as possible. 

At the centre of all of this, though, sits good food skills and the confidence to experiment so, as part of Climate Week North East 2024, we were excited to bring fantastic ingredients to life as part of the CFINE Zero Waste Cooking Day! 

From a communal bowl of delicious vegetable soup to vegetable peel crisps, leftover porridge bread, porridge pancakes, and the most amazing variety of pickles (containing everything from apples and pears to onions and cauliflower leaves!)- we prepared a feast of fine food, using leftovers effectively and looking at ways to make food stretch.

The recipes from the day can be found below- so why not give them a go and share your results on social media with the #, #GoodFoodAberdeen?


Porridge Pancakes

For those with a sweet-tooth, porridge pancakes are a must! 

Making the most of your leftover porridge and overripe bananas and adding only milk, eggs, and flour, these are an indulgent, sweet treat! Top them with your favourite seasonal fruits for a must-have desert! 

Porridge Bread

If you're looking to use your leftover porridge for something a little more savoury, porridge bread might just be your option!

Making the most of your porridge as part of a classic bread recipe, this is delicious and subtly oaty. Great if you are looking for a fancy take on a great pan loaf!


Perfect Pickle

Preservation is one of the best ways to make sure you can make seasonal or home grown fruit and veg last longer. One great way to do this is through pickling, and its a lot more straight forward than you might think!

The process is simple- take any fruit or veg of your choice, your favourite mix of spices, and combine with a vinegar, water, and sugar mix. Pop it in a sterilised jar, and let the flavours develop. Job done! 

Thanks to all those who attended! 

Interested in getting involved in future Zero Waste Cooking session's, or in finding out more about CFINE's Community Kitchen, 'Cook at the Nook'? 

Email Martin Carle, Sustainable Food Coordinator- or click the button below!

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