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Cooking On a Budget - Part 4

Part 4 – After Cooking

Once you’ve cooked a meal, it is more common than you think to have leftovers! Even if you’re not batch cooking, there are so many great ways to use leftovers.

Across the blog series so far, we’ve covered budgeting, planning, and shopping. If you’ve not seen those posts, you can read these here:

In this last blog post of the series, let’s explore how to make the most of your leftovers in a budget friendly way.



1. Think about portion sizes

Often our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs. To make your food go further, dish out a portion smaller than you may think, you can easily get more later if still hungry! A higher proportion of carbs on the plate will keep people fuller for longer without costing too much! Individuals in the UK are guilty of eating too much protein, especially red meats. When making meals, your protein should be around the size of a playing card, to be enough nutritionally!



2. Embrace leftovers!

There are lots of misconceptions around the use of leftovers, particularly around the safety, storage and reheating of these. However, using your leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day makes the most of the work you’ve already done and can offer a comforting second portion of a favourite meal, or can even lead to exciting new meals.

As a first step, Food Standards Scotland offer lots of support and advice around the safe storage and use of leftover meals. The reality is that you can safely enjoy a wide variety of foods, as long as you consider safety when storing them. Food Standards Scotland have an excellent online resource which covers exactly this, which you can find their guidance here: At home | Food Standards Scotland



Feeling unsure about cooking in general? Join the CFINE Cooking On A Budget class! CFINE Cooking On A Budget class is a four week course delivered once a week, which not only teaches you healthy, tasty, and cost effective meals but expertise such as knife skills. If you are interested in joining a Cooking On A Budget course, please email for more information.


We hope these hints and tips help you make the most of your budget and help you have tasty, nutritious, affordable meals. To keep up to date with everything Granite City good Food follow us on Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn, or find us at These hints and tips come from a variety of sources – from online sources to lived experience of the CFINE team – but we are always wanting to hear your opinion! Have your own hints or tips? Let us know in the comments or get in touch via social media or the website. We look forward to trying those recipes and tips ourselves!


You can find the last post in our series, here:



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