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Official Granite City Good Food Website Launch

Written by Laura Ross

This coming Friday, 29th April, we are officially launching the Granite City Good Food website! This site has been many moons in the making and we want to make it clear we are thankful for all the help, guidance, and support received from Partners, and associates supportive of Granite City Good Food. Having a website will allow for a one stop shop to all of Aberdeen's food related sustainability needs and we are looking forward to what's to come! The launch will be held in Aberdeen's Beach Ballroom in a civic recaption.

In the same breath, we are also celebrating our Sustainable Food Places Silver Award application, of which we will hear the result in June. The application is the culmination of many months of serious, hard work in a variety of areas such as alleviating food poverty and building food engagement in the public. Again, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed towards the award application and we will be sure to keep interested parties updated on the result through social media channels and beyond.



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