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The Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill has Passed Stage 3

We have previous talked about the Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill in our blog post here:

Keep an eye here and follow us on our socials to keep up to date with the bill’s progress.

Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill has now passed stage 3 in the parliamentary process - here’s what that means:

The Scottish Government are now tasked in creating a Good Food Nation Plan on a national scale. This national plan should have sustainability at its roots and focuses on distributing food that is good for the climate, and emphasises alleviating food poverty and increasing animal welfare, amongst other issues. Good Food plans are also to be made on regional levels by councils, health boards, and other local authorities, named in the bill as ‘relevant authorities’, for effective and specific distribution in communities.

All Good Food Plans are to be overseen by an independent Scottish food commission, including the 32 local authorities, the national government plan, and any plans created by the health boards and specified local authorities.

You can read the bill for yourself here:

Granite City Good Food looks forward to being involved in further discussion around the implementation of good food plans in and around Aberdeen.


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