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Granite City Good Food Recognised in Parliament!

Granite City Good Food and CFINE's Zero Waste Cooking Day has been recognised in a parliamentary motion, submitted by Kevin Stewart on Tuesday 09 April 2024.

The motion, which reflected the event's role in NESCAN Hub's Climate Week North East recognised:

'as well as promoting a sustainable and fair food system, the event was able to give participants a boost in confidence in their culinary skills, [and] believes that events such as these can play play an important part in addressing food waste by giving people the tools to make better use of raw ingredients and leftovers... '

By reducing waste in our day-to-day cooking and meal-planning, we can all play a really important role in making our food system more sustainable by reducing the production of carbon emissions. Recent estimates, as part of the Scottish Government's 'Circular Economy Route Map' proposals indicate that 20% of food purchased for households is wasted, which represents 3.8% of Scotland's total carbon footprint (and costs households an average of £440 per year!). We all have a role to play, and zero waste cooking is part of this.

With thanks to Kevin Stewart MSP for his motion!

Did you miss the Zero Waste Cooking Day? You can catch all the resources from the day on the Granite City Good Food Website, here:

A note of thanks, also, to Lauren Taylor (Press and Journal) and Emily Shepherd (ACVO) for their support and coverage of the event.



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