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TURN THE GRANITE CITY GOLD - Supporting and Recognising Sustainable Food in Aberdeen City

Aberdeen City has been on a sustainable food journey, since 2017.

In 2017, Aberdeen City became the 46th City in the UK to become a member of the, then, Sustainable Food Cities network, through Granite City Good Food.

In 2018, Aberdeen City became the first city in Scotland to achieve the prestigious Sustainable Food Cities/ Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award.

In 2022, Aberdeen City became one of the first cities in Scotland to successfully upgrade and be recognised with a Sustainable Food Places Silver Award.

Our food system is developing, and these awards are more than just an award, they are a reflection of the hard work of lots and lots of individuals, communities, businesses, and organisations.

As part of Taste of Grampian 2024, we were proud to announce that Granite City Good Food is progressing well towards applying for the Sustainable Food Places Gold Award, which would make Aberdeen City the first area of Scotland to achieve this award.

Broadly, this award would recognise the commitment across the city to the values of Sustainable Food Places:

  • Good food governance

  • Building a good food movement

  • Tackling food poverty

  • Creating a vibrant food economy

  • Transforming catering and procurement

  • Tackling the climate and nature emergency using food.

You can add your voice and support to the cause by signing the Granite City Good Food Sustainable Food Charter, so why not sign today?



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